Michael Wendler: That’s what he says about Claudia’s divorce

The Wendler comments on the planned divorce
So far, Wendler-Noch-wife Claudia Norberg was extremely taff. After it became known that her longtime partner Michael Wendler is with an 18-year-old , the 48-year-old reacted surprisingly cool. In an interview she revealed that she wants to draw a final line under her marriage. Now Michael Wendler (46) has made exclusive statements to RTL.de about the planned divorce.

“Claudia has filed for divorce”
In October of last year, Michael Wendler and Claudia Norberg had surprisingly announced their love-off. After nine years of marriage and 29 years of relationship. “We’ll divorce, I still feel torn inside, it’s not easy for me to understand that my life has changed that way,” Claudia Norberg said in an interview with “Bunte.”

The hit star is now in a statement to RTL.de: “Claudia has filed for divorce and we are working on a fair settlement solution for the benefit of our mutual daughter Adeline.” His estranged wife filed divorce papers in her adopted state of Florida on January 28, an excerpt from the court register shows. Love is not a question of age”
So far, the separation of the Wendlers was amicable and without a war of roses – at least outwardly. “Love is not a matter of age, but whether one feels physically attracted to each other, fits together in character and has found a soul mate in the other,” Claudia said a few weeks ago conciliatory in the RTL interview, after it became known that her ex now is with the 28 years younger Laura Müller together.

But so that the Wendler could enjoy his young love happiness carefree and above all undisturbed, Claudia had to put away a lot, as she reveals now. That this time was anything but rosy for her, shows our video.