Despite the heat: That’s why so many women do not wear shorts

Despite the heat: That's why so many women do not wear shorts

With the hot temperatures last, it actually meant: wear as few clothes as possible. But despite the dizzying heat, many women dare not show their legs. Why?

33 degrees. Waiting at the bus stop in the blazing sun and wearing a pair of black jeans. Can it be even more unpleasant? For many women , the answer is yes. Because they prefer to wear long pants rather than show their legs in shorts. But why are the shorts actually banished from so many wardrobes? Why do not so many people dare to take off their long pants?

It sounds banal, but the fear of shorts is in many women or men. Presumably it is the fear of being whispered, the legs being starved or anything else supposed to happen.

Many women want to free themselves from it, now use the hashtag “Freeyourlegs” on Instagram and show their legs. In shorts , in dresses and skirts. And with that they set a sign. For fashionable self-determination and more freedom in the wardrobe. For those who do not feel alone with blemishes on their legs, they can feel freer. Even without long jeans.

Our legs are not perfect

They are thick, they are strong, they are pale, they have spider veins or varicose veins: legs are rarely flawless. No matter if you are a woman or a man, surely everyone will find something on their own legs that they do not like. Of course, because our legs carry us through life. It would be surprising if that did not leave its mark over time. And that’s perfectly okay.

Step by step on shorts

If you do not feel so brave, you might try a little on the shorts. Step One: How about a breezy midi skirt? It covers a lot and leaves only the calves and ankles free. Step two: How about a knee-length dress? And who has done that, perhaps trusts in step three: How about a Bermuda? Or a cycling shorts under a longer blouse or tunic? Or just the short denim shorts?

If you want to get up in the morning while getting dressed, you will find enough inspiration in the social networks. Because here are already many women, what should actually be self-evident: When it is hot, we wear short things. No matter what our legs look like. Point.