‘Danger’: It is so bad about Britney Spears

'Danger': It is so bad about Britney Spears
'Danger': It is so bad about Britney Spears

The pop star is back in a psycho-clinic. Gradually, the problems of the 37-year-olds come to light.

Many remember Britney Spears during their worst phase. She had a nervous breakdown in 2007/08 and has been struggling with her mental health ever since. But her fans thought that the mother of two had got her life under control again. She was fit again, exercised regularly and thrilled with her show in Las Vegas.

But now the shock. A few weeks ago, the US pop star again turned himself into a psycho-clinic. Officially it was stated that her father’s state of health struck Jamie. But now it became known that it is much worse to Britney.

Fear for her life

Accordingly, her friends and family had worried. Her life has gotten out of hand again, writes the website “The Blast”. She was incapacitated and partially also unable to live. Her team was worried she might die soon if she did not get help immediately. There was a lot to be said to Britney before she turned herself into the clinic.

Her behavior reminded many of that in 2008, just before she was admitted for the first time. “Her people were sure that she did not take her medication or did not take it properly, her psyche was so fragile that it became really dangerous,” said an insider.

In this clinic one should work now on the attitude of the medicines. In addition, therapists should decide whether Britney is stable enough to be discharged. Although it is not clear when she can leave the institution again, but it is clear that even after this time a therapist should be set aside.