Brand new look: She wears glasses now!

Actually, California is known as the “Sunshine State”, but currently prevails in Heidi Klum’s adopted home Los Angeles gray rainy weather. For the 45-year-old, this is no reason to mope. Heidi just makes himself comfortable in bed. Her fiance Tom Kaulitz (29) is of course by her side.

As it looks, when Heidi with Tom and the kids spend a cozy evening watching TV in bed, we show you in the video above.

Heidi needs reading glasses
On Instagram, Heidi tells her followers that she works from home. With her laptop on her lap, the model sits on the bed. However, Heidi does not look at her screen, but at Tom Kaulitz. He has also made himself comfortable in bed with his computer.

And what do we see on Heidi’s nose? Glasses! A chic dark frame helps Heidi reading and makes her look quite serious despite his ruffled hair.What is hanging over the bedstead?
Of course, Heidi’s fans immediately notice the reading support. “The glasses are excellent,” comments one user. Another applauds Heidi’s taste: “Hey Heidi, since when do you have glasses? Make you even more of a business woman. ”

In addition to Heidi’s glasses, there is a second eye-catcher in the photo. A mysterious object hangs at the head of the bed. The users tap on a sock, until Heidi finally enlightens them. Instead of stocking a mistletoe crowns the Klumsche bed. A lack of tenderness should therefore not prevail with Tom and Heidi.